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Is Titan the word to use here? Another could be champion, you get the picture. Either way we could imagine by hearing, a leader is described. You know the one we so very rarely get to be (on a grand scale) but often hear of in others.

As title suggests, referring to commerce and those considered “Titans” of. Who by what means granted such position and title. You know Amazon’s, eBay’s and alike, the billionaire companies that sought and conquered. Was it the press? or maybe the gossip forums formed by us which now proclaim themselves social networks. From who’s opinion it matters not, for certain it was ours who granted them so. Popularity by size of revenue is the vessel we use to propel, seeing not the real champion to which is our claim.

You see we have always looked to others and held high as the creator, when all along it was our adoption which caused it and every. As yesterday, the time before and again today I grant them. Maybe one day further “Our” will become “we” and “we” will unite to resurrect and take command.

It is commerce and all within that was lost, for we gave yield and forgot our worth. So now that we have powerful new tools of communication and tech, the time is here for all to gather. To do so separately is to not utilize our numbers. So lets join and group to move forward our quest, as we pursue our goods on our terms and by our way.

It is by way of we march, to say no more no way to all the former. We do so for you have forgotten, that to push, pry, track, record and follow damages dignity as well as my confidence in. So perk up and listen, for I will announce to you and the masses my pursuits and intentions from here on in, if alike your urged to follow. I then will award and allow you to prosper,  for my business if not taken for granted will forever be graciously given.

If you’re a buyer stay tuned, privacy and  freedom are on the way. If you are a seller stay plugged-in, consumers a plenty are About2Buy.

Live Free, Live Well

Watching all the social internet noise my mind can assimilate, many a thing become clear. One consideration is to imagine the social compared to marriages, friendships and relationships. I’m sure psycho Therapists and alike are having great fun as of late, especially when observing the environments provided. More like ecosystems than any, they structure themselves as to create the actions and behaviors to sustain.

When said ecosystems reach a level of influence upon their users, many become bored and seek to deepen their relationship with. Now normally this is done to expand population and to comfort the financial bottom line through exploitation of. Don’t get me wrong the sites and tools of which I refer are quite attractive and useful to those who frequent. But as stated in earlier posts, many expansions enacted have but one fiscal purpose.

As some expansions of service are well intended, it is very important to balance the offerings and not to “Smother” the relationship. This as mentioned may describe the actions of many who are no longer. Users basically disengage (divorce) from overwhelming feelings like that of a smothered relationship.

Now while the Tech press, bloggers, social media, etc. have glorified the many and much released by Facebook (F8) recently, I have this strange feeling the relationship Facebook just adjusted may have initiated the “smothering” process of which does not usually go well. It’s kinda interesting how a certain type of personality when absent of  healthy relationship experience acquires this habit to smother. Internal feelings that speak “I want so much for this to work out”, I want you so very much”, “please don’t leave me” persist to destroy what may have been a perfectly good relationship.

OK, so we all are aware of (from our own life’s experiences) or been at the giving or receiving end of, but could such notion be applied toward an Internet social enterprise? If from this point of view one considers, it is not unthinkable to notice? Everyone loved the relationship they had in the beginning, what we have now is too much to handle.

As we learn, observe and prepare this extraordinary service called, It is certain we will leave all guests alone to venture, discover and participate as they will. We will be here to share it with and careful not to push it upon.

“Living free” is unrivaled, Cheers!

 NEWS FLASH: It’s official, there are now more ways to capture a consumer than there are actual consumers. The only way to redirect is for consumers to begin selling access to themselves. Live Free Change Everything at

Facebook’s update, the so-called super charged open graph and semantic web experience are here. Not a big surprise, any who are involved in research of the Internet could have predicted this and more. Up to this point, they appear to be doing what Microsoft had done for years with various “new” versions of windows. We were inched along slowly just enough to impress but nowhere near their real capacity.

The open graph is here to stay for those who take part (which are aplenty). The offering & service monitors user activity and intentions (‘using’, ‘searching’, ‘wanting’, ‘shopping’, ‘watching’, ‘playing’, ‘reading’ and listening’) to the Open Graph via app integration. Every action you take will be noted, examined and acted upon like no other. It’s official, the internet has turned into an interactive television. The only difference is this TV knows everything you do, Internet privacy is forever gone.

Why is this all being done? What need(s) does it solve? The 1st. and primary reason is to create advertising and marketing revenue. I can see (or hear) the Facebook sales pitch on this already, but don’t blame me for telling you “It’s all about the money”.

So how will it work? It’s pretty simple really. You show (by your behavior online) an interest in (for example) “Digital Camera’s”, and presto magico offerings and ads begin showing up in a whole bunch of creative ways. Why?, because Facebook told some camera provider that they (for a fee) will be given a “Chance” to capture your attention.

While thinking more of this and other forms of tactics like. I walked within about 5 to 6 feet of my front door, the dog (a very ambitious lab) jumps up and blazes a path to the door. Due to past behavior (Facebook open graph) he thought I was going outside where he very much desired to go. He (as many advertisers discover) was disappointed to realize (after his energy investment) that I was actually navigating towards the bathroom. This and many other fun little exercises comically take place often. Walk near the dog food and get ready to be greeted by a galloping, panting, happy bundle of joy with a waggly tail. Drive by any Dairy Queen and soon discover almost every child apparently must work for, loud proclamations in favor of are advertised (painstakingly so) for what some may call an eternity. So I could go on more with this but I’m sure you all get the picture, these conditioned responses are nothing new and have been applied since the dawn of time (especially to animals).

Now as you can imagine, we here at About2Buy are overjoyed as to the “all about the money” direction Facebook has taken with. For even though there is a whole bunch of creative math associated with the execution of, the strategy is no more intuitive than ancient man hiding behind a bush in close proximity to a “wild game path” anticipating dinner may walk by at any moment.

So as this “offensive” dumbing down of our intellect continues, Facebook (Mans best friend) in one fell swoop just “removed the Fourth of July from the calendar”. Now that’s impressive!

Live Free


In coding theory error detection and correction or error control are techniques that enable reliable delivery of digital data over unreliable communication channels. Many communication channels are subject to Channel Noise, and thus errors may be introduced during transmission from the source to a receiver. Error detection techniques allow detecting such errors, while error correction enables reconstruction of the original data. Source:

Ok so what is the error?

Answer: Consumers Fragmented Pursuits.

So what is a commerce pursuit?

Answer: Random searching, review reading, discussions and the various acts associated with the certain acquisition of a product or service.

So what is the proposed error control?

Answer: A process by which random, fragmented (commerce) pursuits are harnessed and redirected to establish reliable organization.

What is the error correction?

Answer: Detect the “noise” (fragmented pursuits), organize and re-energize for the production of a successful result.

Why are we addressing this concern?

Because the internet currently may provide more net profit to advertising (and all related) as a whole than product selling. This could cause conversions (in all actuality) to be unattractive. For when a consumer converts, the quest is over and advertising (and related revenue) cease in relationship too.

Clarification: To all that are involved in the advertising and marketing chain (excluding conditional affiliates), it is more profitable when the consumer does not convert for an extended period of time.

So the argument from here can commence, who in the process deserves more of the profit?  The product provider who acquires and provides the item or the advertiser who through various channels produces the consumer?


Isn’t Today The Future You Envisioned Yesterday?


If you use these quotes in any form, remember to quote the source.

Being part of the future is more about aligning yourself with than pursuing to become part of. The future is not a place ahead we are aspiring to reach, but more-so as a forward place formed by inspiration and ideas which is moving toward’s the present.

Brad Gunderson

If you use these quotes in any form, remember to quote the source.

Wow, inspired and enraged many by way of the last post, The answer contains a question.

When inside how difficult is it to experience the outside?

There is evidence one may advance the other!


OK, I guess the Internet got off on the wrong foot at the beginning, in commerce that is. The best solutions and the most familiar to the public, was to create websites with pages similar to catalogs. Online ordering followed and then the era of the inexpensive but sterile relationships began between purveyor and consumer. Now all that is social is beginning and showing enormous potential for profit, did a bunch of you forget something? I just read an article of Marc Benioff’s speech about the “New” direction all is taking and that the “relationship” is now king of the commerce world,…………….Is anyone still alive that functioned prior to the year 2000? You have got to be kidding me, and people were applauding, carrying on and writing up stories upon every tech media entity on the planet like it was the most groundbreaking news ever to be announced for the world of relationship commerce.

Well I am here to let all who are not old enough to remember. Prior to commerce upon the Internet, It was nothing but relationship commerce. Has the cyber world fried everyone’s brains (and memory) to the point where they are actually buying this garbage? If so then I’m going to bring back the “granny shot” style free throw as a new (earth shattering) concept, I should get written up in Sports Illustrated for that one. Come-on give me some recognition here,  or do I have to say that the “Granny Shot” is all about the new relationship with the backboard to get some press?

So how did we get so disconnected in only seven to eight years (before most social networks as we now know them) did all the forums and discussion boards prior to social begin the labotomization most appear to have experienced? I know, stop already!  But for criminysake I feel right now like I am in a time warp where no one remembers only 15 years ago when a consumer would walk into a camera store (for example) and tell the very informed and professional purveyor behind the counter, “I’m About to Buy A Camera”. Do I need to explain every detail that occurs next or would stating  a “relationship” would form (usually) and the consumer would walk away with precisely what they wanted. <= notice the period at the end of that sentence.

Amazing how that all could be done without target marketing, banner ads, SEO, social media, CRM (Sorry Mark B)  and all the other stuff that now rules the commercial world. But with all this ridiculousness having enormous amounts of money directed too, I guess the wool over everyone’s eyes is so thick now most will never see again. To brutally state the most accurate, all that is being created is primarily a larger “Push” market that is being disguised as a personalized “Pull” market. That’s right we got to keep promoting that cash cow “Content Advertising” and everything like it to keep all going in the marketing and advertising cash-flow stream; don’t we?

Well not so fast, maybe we could all wake up from the cloud of the “Matrix” and question our very inventive new cyber leaders. A way of seeing things from a point of view that may not be the most popular in the auditorium but one of which wonders with the question “what’s in it for him and why are we all thinking this is good for us too”.

A quiet storm is brewing, I will agree with experts of this. But the “storm” has absolutely nothing to do with any search engine, social network, commerce site or other enterprise that supposedly is leading the charge for us and on our behalf. The storm is being created by all of us and the pressure is building, building each time we say”Do I really need all this shit just to buy a freaking camera”. Can I just get some help by a “real” (self-actualized) person”, and not some sociopathic enterprise with an overactive social media team. Oh and while were at it, can I get someone who actually has an opinion of their own and not one that emerges from some training program at the corporate office. I have it, how about someone who cares about providing for me the best item based on my personal criteria at a price that does not have all your marketing, advertising and other waste built into. Oooo employee discounts for everyone, sounds good to me.

If you are wondering, why care. It’s because we are building the very thing to aid in removing yourself from the internet (as we have come to know it) to participate in a “true market” that facilitates genuine interaction (relationships) efficiently as to promote a superb experience (again) for all.

About2Buy is coming. Drop us a note and leave some comments, we are going to need your (and all your friends) help to get it done.

Thank You, come again!

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