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Of course it would be foolhardy to not include a sort of reference to how popular someone may be, especially if you are host to. To know the future of pricing and promotion, is not so difficult to imagine. The old push market system that will certainly die a slow death, possesses such low conversion rates it’s hardly worth doing. Word of mouth and individual networks are yielding higher rates.

It may not be long before one’s popularity upon the web may dictate the final price. If you scored high for influence on Klout or other rating sites, your value to a product provider is and will continue to be immense. Such high rates of influence one day may get you a host of products for free, that’s right the most popular win again.

Now to say “begin to strengthen your network” is to become the understatement of what will be the century, please hear me loud and clear. “Strengthen and broaden the reach of your online networks”. I guarantee not only from our own perspective (and offerings), but many others who influence the web as well. You will pay higher prices in the future if you do not have a sizable network to share it with.

Live free Live well

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In coding theory error detection and correction or error control are techniques that enable reliable delivery of digital data over unreliable communication channels. Many communication channels are subject to Channel Noise, and thus errors may be introduced during transmission from the source to a receiver. Error detection techniques allow detecting such errors, while error correction enables reconstruction of the original data. Source:

Ok so what is the error?

Answer: Consumers Fragmented Pursuits.

So what is a commerce pursuit?

Answer: Random searching, review reading, discussions and the various acts associated with the certain acquisition of a product or service.

So what is the proposed error control?

Answer: A process by which random, fragmented (commerce) pursuits are harnessed and redirected to establish reliable organization.

What is the error correction?

Answer: Detect the “noise” (fragmented pursuits), organize and re-energize for the production of a successful result.

Why are we addressing this concern?

Because the internet currently may provide more net profit to advertising (and all related) as a whole than product selling. This could cause conversions (in all actuality) to be unattractive. For when a consumer converts, the quest is over and advertising (and related revenue) cease in relationship too.

Clarification: To all that are involved in the advertising and marketing chain (excluding conditional affiliates), it is more profitable when the consumer does not convert for an extended period of time.

So the argument from here can commence, who in the process deserves more of the profit?  The product provider who acquires and provides the item or the advertiser who through various channels produces the consumer?


Isn’t Today The Future You Envisioned Yesterday?


If you use these quotes in any form, remember to quote the source.

Being part of the future is more about aligning yourself with than pursuing to become part of. The future is not a place ahead we are aspiring to reach, but more-so as a forward place formed by inspiration and ideas which is moving toward’s the present.

Brad Gunderson

If you use these quotes in any form, remember to quote the source.

Wow, inspired and enraged many by way of the last post, The answer contains a question.

When inside how difficult is it to experience the outside?

There is evidence one may advance the other!


Commerce has changed so very much, take a look at the last 10 years. While the internet has matured, the way we conduct business or acquire that of which we desire has specifically moved towards automation. Certainly automating a process on paper looks as if it may lower the cost of the process, but does it really?

Automation does (on the front end) create and enviroment of which consumers may realize a savings. But to the companies who participate it (in my opinion) has come at what could be an enormous cost. Take a look at the example below, this disparity certainly identifies a certain disconnection sellers have about their potential or current customers perception.

Now this gap identified above is of no big surprise, I mean who really engages a consumer actively and consistently on a personal level any more. No wonder insight as too “actual”  concerns are (anymore) so misunderstood, no one has a clue! Well just about no one, except for those few businesses remaining who actually engage there customers actively and as friends. In doing so there is a real human connection of which facilitates insight beyond what has been available in the virtual world, a sort of mysterious intuition that expands upon each interaction. Having, developing and accumulating such as perceived on a one on one basis provides businesses with a depth of knowledge second to none. Imagine the insight long running businesses who engage consumers on a one on one basis for 10, 25, 50 even 75 years could possess after interacting with thousands if not hundreds of thousands in such a manner, who could put a value on that?

Now businesses upon the internet are spending massive amounts of money attempting to shorten the gap as to know and understand there customers more precisely. I would bet the amount being spent by some of the larger enterprises would equal that of hundreds if not thousands of employees who could be personally engaging these very important customers as to pass along to the company the many insights gained from the interaction. As the above illustration demonstrates quite well, automation has a long ways to go if it were to replace human interaction.

About2buy has a grand tool that will greatly aid in the facilitation of these valuable interactions in every social network imaginable. This and much more provided will most certainly increase operational efficiency, substantially reduce costs and most importantly increase sales productivity on a grand scale and all done in an ground breaking “automated” environment. Hold on, good things are coming!

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