OK, I guess the Internet got off on the wrong foot at the beginning, in commerce that is. The best solutions and the most familiar to the public, was to create websites with pages similar to catalogs. Online ordering followed and then the era of the inexpensive but sterile relationships began between purveyor and consumer. Now all that is social is beginning and showing enormous potential for profit, did a bunch of you forget something? I just read an article of Marc Benioff’s speech about the “New” direction all is taking and that the “relationship” is now king of the commerce world,…………….Is anyone still alive that functioned prior to the year 2000? You have got to be kidding me, and people were applauding, carrying on and writing up stories upon every tech media entity on the planet like it was the most groundbreaking news ever to be announced for the world of relationship commerce.

Well I am here to let all who are not old enough to remember. Prior to commerce upon the Internet, It was nothing but relationship commerce. Has the cyber world fried everyone’s brains (and memory) to the point where they are actually buying this garbage? If so then I’m going to bring back the “granny shot” style free throw as a new (earth shattering) concept, I should get written up in Sports Illustrated for that one. Come-on give me some recognition here,  or do I have to say that the “Granny Shot” is all about the new relationship with the backboard to get some press?

So how did we get so disconnected in only seven to eight years (before most social networks as we now know them) did all the forums and discussion boards prior to social begin the labotomization most appear to have experienced? I know, stop already!  But for criminysake I feel right now like I am in a time warp where no one remembers only 15 years ago when a consumer would walk into a camera store (for example) and tell the very informed and professional purveyor behind the counter, “I’m About to Buy A Camera”. Do I need to explain every detail that occurs next or would stating  a “relationship” would form (usually) and the consumer would walk away with precisely what they wanted. <= notice the period at the end of that sentence.

Amazing how that all could be done without target marketing, banner ads, SEO, social media, CRM (Sorry Mark B)  and all the other stuff that now rules the commercial world. But with all this ridiculousness having enormous amounts of money directed too, I guess the wool over everyone’s eyes is so thick now most will never see again. To brutally state the most accurate, all that is being created is primarily a larger “Push” market that is being disguised as a personalized “Pull” market. That’s right we got to keep promoting that cash cow “Content Advertising” and everything like it to keep all going in the marketing and advertising cash-flow stream; don’t we?

Well not so fast, maybe we could all wake up from the cloud of the “Matrix” and question our very inventive new cyber leaders. A way of seeing things from a point of view that may not be the most popular in the auditorium but one of which wonders with the question “what’s in it for him and why are we all thinking this is good for us too”.

A quiet storm is brewing, I will agree with experts of this. But the “storm” has absolutely nothing to do with any search engine, social network, commerce site or other enterprise that supposedly is leading the charge for us and on our behalf. The storm is being created by all of us and the pressure is building, building each time we say”Do I really need all this shit just to buy a freaking camera”. Can I just get some help by a “real” (self-actualized) person”, and not some sociopathic enterprise with an overactive social media team. Oh and while were at it, can I get someone who actually has an opinion of their own and not one that emerges from some training program at the corporate office. I have it, how about someone who cares about providing for me the best item based on my personal criteria at a price that does not have all your marketing, advertising and other waste built into. Oooo employee discounts for everyone, sounds good to me.

If you are wondering, why care. It’s because we are building the very thing to aid in removing yourself from the internet (as we have come to know it) to participate in a “true market” that facilitates genuine interaction (relationships) efficiently as to promote a superb experience (again) for all.

About2Buy is coming. Drop us a note and leave some comments, we are going to need your (and all your friends) help to get it done.

Thank You, come again!