Here is one that throughout time has been an eternal challenge.

It is theorized that gold and many (if not all) of the heavy metals may have been formed at the very moment a star had spent all energy and collapses upon itself just prior to supernova creating these metals within this violent occurrence from spent matter remaining.

Now alchemists and scientist (self proclaimed and not) have all been attempting for hundreds of years to create gold as the stars with not much success. I mean really who could produce this kind of gravitational pressure, heat and resulting violence on earth as to reproduce, it’s impossible right?

Well not so fast in our conclusion, gold may be synthesized successfully in the very near future. This by way of nano-particles or possibly in a process developed within a nuclear reactor just to name a few. So hold on because eventually (it seams) most all human challenges are overcome by those with the appropriate (and sometimes complex) experience, background, education and focused attention.

When some invent or create that of which has been known (by those absent of the experience, background, education and focused attention) to not be feasible prior too, the usual critics come out of hibernation as to dispute efforts by soliciting opinion from those who frankly “have not a clue”. I mean really how could an opinion be valid unless it retains the necessary. Just reference the best selling book “Ouliers” and reference the “10,000-Hour Rule” if you have any doubts as too.

So to those who have doubts as to the time administered by it’s founder to this effort, here is the tally:

Direct research, study and experience in all that is B2C Buyer/Seller Exchanges (in the hundreds of thousands): 37,440 hours

Direct research and application into the development of the About2Buy Project: 14,740

If curious as to this “lead into gold projects” feasibility, solicit opinion from those who may know. If in doubt, just check how many hours they have in the “real world” application of, seldom does success materialize without. I would be more confident asking a cosmetics clerk of ten years within a large department store about B2C exchanges then any, this person would not only have accumulated the necessary knowledge but more importantly have applied it on a long term basis.

By the way, we did the work for you and have introduced the About2Buy processes to many (hundreds) of experienced (long term) B2C practitioners over the last seven years. The consensus as to our success is remarkably favorable!