I had this thought and am not exactly sure where to start.

I went and had an Ice cream cone recently, crazy enough I did it on my own. Kinda rare occurrence these days and I am sure some social media guru is kicking himself knowing that I was not captured by his marketing machine. I mean really, how did this guy go buy an Ice creme cone without us capturing him with the following types of marketing tools and tactics:

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The Many Forms of Web Marketing:

1) Corporate Domain

A) Corporate Site

B) Portal Strategy

C) Microsites for Segmentation

D) Interactive Web Marketing

E) Intranet

F) Extranet

G) Regionalization

2) Search Marketing

A) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

B) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

3) Out Bound and Syndicated Web Marketing

A) Email Marketing

B) Invasive Marketing

C) Syndicated Content and RSS

4) Brand Extension

A) Web Advertising

B) Contextual Advertising

C) Sponsorship and /Cross branding

D) Social Advertisements 

E) Widget Advertising

F) Affiliate Marketing

5) Community Marketing and Social Media Marketing

A) eCommerce/Rating Sites

B) Social Networking, Forums, Wikis, Collaboration

C) Syndicated Marketing

D) Podcast Marketing

E) Blogging

F) Widget Marketing

G) Online Video and Live Streaming

H) Instant Messaging, Presence

I) Tagging, Collective Tools

J) Voting Features

K) MicroMedia

L) Infinite Other Flavors

6) Virtual Worlds

A) Virtual Worlds

B) Online Massive Multi Player Games

C) Online Games

7) Related Mediums

A) Internet TV (IPTV)

B) Mobile Content

8 ) Experimental: To Watch

A) Portability of the Social Graph

B) Vendor Relationship Management

Source: Jeremiah Owyang,  January 1st, 2008, http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/

There is more I am sure but the list above will lend an idea of the vast amount of effort going into attaining and retaining us for a purpose. So much exists that I am not sure how I slipped through the cracks and acquired my “Ice cream Cone” all by myself without anyone (manipulating) redirecting my thought process.

All this promotional noise being wasted out there upon the internet with much of not directed appropriately. I was on the internet all that morning and not one deal, ad or social media message engaged me as an immediate Ice cream buyer. But I saw a bunch of ads for everything but. For instance, cars, camera’s, computers, etc. and so on.

I wonder when there will be a way for all to stop wasting so much energy, resources and time, the list above says it all.

About2Buy.com is a fantastic solution if your like me and do not want to be just an “Ant in social media’s Ant farm”.

Coming soon (globally) to a planet near you!