I once met an individual when I was in my twenties who it seamed destroyed anything and everything that possibly could be destroyed by his efforts. Personal relationships, other peoples personal relationships, businesses, friendships of his own and others as well as anything that was viewed by him as something that needed messing up. So besides the mental illness possibilities that we could surmise, it occurred to me that the world for him had been and has become not a very good place. I think he felt it was his duty to say internally “If the world isn’t gonna be good for me, I will mess it up for everyone else as well”.

So my heart felt message for some very particular Chinese Hackers who unfortunately are disappointed with how their lives had become, it was your own environment which messed up your life not ours!

These  little hackers are Pesky at times, but we can deal with them. Kind a like swatting flies with a fly swatter, even a child can do it!