Interesting how people congregate around an effort. When doing so on a formal basis much of the time these congregations are named “Enterprises”. A way for those interested in shared endeavor(s) to join up and work towards mutual goals. These enterprises have strategy implemented from the top with various tasks of which have expected deliverable’s attached to them. In doing so these congregations (if dictated the correct strategy) succeed quite well and everyone gets paid on a consistent basis.

OK, so now that I have you interested enough to begin the second paragraph, I’ll let you know where I’m headed in all this. Why do enterprise endeavors (when implemented well) have such a strong track record of success? In contrast why is it so difficult for non enterprise individuals or entities to attain success especially upon the internet? I guess we would need to define success prior to passing judgment, but this is why so many companies are designing software for the “enterprise” currently.

The Internet of which the average Joe or Cindy access is of course utilized free of charge excluding some very reasonable online access fee’s. Due to this structure many sites we utilize upon the web to assist our endeavors have somewhat of a hidden agenda. In doing so each entity is stating (by their structure and behavior) come use our stuff but we are going to try and use you in an attempt to make a profit. Like television (but much more advanced) we in an incredible amount of creative ways are in one way or another being herded about like prized cattle from one pasture to another. Our success in what we intend to do is entirely placed into the hands of all these entities and we are forced to attempt to attain success according to their strategy and not our own. No wonder talented developers are jumping ship and moving out of the public or consumer arena (into enterprise development), it’s a highly manipulated playing field of which is getting much more difficult to introduce solutions too which will provide a successful experience to their (potential) users free from the influences of the Facebook’s and alike. There really is no way other than to “opt out” of the current imbalanced Internet system. And opting out they are and in an incredible amount of ways, but the average internet user is many times being left behind to fend for themselves in the abyss.

I mean really how long does it take (when in need of a product) to sort through all the disinformation, competing offers and other methods of funneling (you as a consumer) into a specific “Lair” so to speak? To tell you the truth I am (anymore) increasingly offended. All I want is to find real data about an item of interest, a (complete and entire) list of outlets to acquire said item along with price and a safe but incredibly easy way to pay. <= here’s the period at the end again.

Now this simplified, efficient and to tell you the truth very “healthy to our planet” proposition is now impossible for any to ask for anywhere on the open internet. Content advertising and all that surrounds it (social and not) has become (for lack of more kind words) a haven for “commercial sociopath’s”. The only way for any and all to resist as to preserve the true holistic commerce environment is unfortunately to “Opt Out” of the open internet all together. That’s right, a way for those who are inclined to change their playgrounds and playmates as to be more appropriately exposed to a more rewarding atmosphere. A place where one can become their own enterprise as to create their own strategy to ensure success, while gaining access to a real and true marketplace that places the “dignity of the consumer” at the forefront. This is what we have developed here at About2Buy and we so very much hope you all will be attracted to and use what we feel will be a highly successful venue for all to participate in.

Thanks Again,

Brad Gunderson