One may tend to explore things much more deeply than most having been involved for such a long time. Childhood, teen, young adulthood and now (in my prime) memories tend to all surround  or be in close proximity to commerce. In our house growing up I am sure it was much like having parents that were professional athletes, we lived and breathed everyday in Buyer/Seller exchanges. The thousands of discussions, experiences and application really became remarkable in my early thirties. It’s like at a certain point “you turn pro” so to speak, a feeling that no one could throw any form of circumstance at you in commerce that you could not immediately have a successful reaction for.

When computers began coming of age and at some point in the late seventies became a little more attainable for the “rest of us”, I received my 1st. computer (radio shack TRS 80). Later in 1982 I can remember our High School acquired their 1st. computers (Apple’s) and when I had my 1st (brief) stint with college I saw the extended possibilities of computers which were communicating with each other at great distances. Of course immediately I started looking through the only glass I have known of which was commerce. Thinking wouldn’t be great if somehow buyers and sellers could communicate through these connections on their computer screens. Now of course from that time it would be the nineties before we would see any extensions into this realm.

Somewhere though along the way i have to tell you, it all took a very unexpected route. I thought right off the bat that the users (Buyers) would lead the process, and boy was I so very wrong. Marketing, advertising and all that is like it got its fingers dug in deep and now seems as if there is no looking back. Even now with social networking you would think the consumer had another chance at leading the Buyer/Seller process, but again as inefficient as the current system is I am being proven wrong as we speak.

How much energy do you think has to be used (expelled) to get just one internet user to buy a product online? Social media marketing, Target marketing, pay per click, analytics, Blogging, Sales lead generation and the list goes on and on and on. All this just to bring a Buyer and Seller together when the time is right, we now have the most complex and wasteful commerce system one could have ever imagined and it’s getting worse. Today we for  many reasons need to become more “green” in our thinking when we look at the way commerce works. We all have our “things” of which we are inclined to take possession of, why don’t we do a little less as to achieve the same result. A consumer may “confidently”get exactly what is desired at the best possible price and sellers may easily make a large amount of (profitable) sales as to continue their pursuits. <= notice that is a period at the end of that sentence.

About2Buy has the all in one solution for this in a never before facilitated social format of which will (quite frankly) amaze all those who know that going green is not just the wave of the future, it is our immediate requirement.

Thanks for listening