To be very candid, finally we have received the boost required to move beyond the sometimes glacial pace experienced within the entrepreneurial and start-up system. Lesson learned, “when you have a big idea you need to take it to a big company”. It appears as if only then may one be received favorably with maturity, experience and enough combined knowledge capital to not be phased by any project of any size or ambition. As they see solid potential in our project, it has lent a huge moral boost. A BIG thank you to all involved at IBM for this superb opportunity. has entered the IBM global entrepreneurial program, here is the excerpt of the email received:

Dear Brad Gunderson,

Congratulations! You are approved for IBM Global Entrepreneur. Through our
offerings, skills, and experience, IBM provides the roadmap, tools, and
support to help you accelerate your evolution and growth. An IBM Project
Resource Manager is now assigned to you to provide one-to-one guidance and
support through your product development.

Listed below are few of the many resources that have been made available:

Participating in IBM Global Entrepreneur provides support and resources in the areas you need most: products, people, and promotion.

  • Software at no chargeFor up to three years, access a variety of IBM software for development, test, and demonstration through the IBM Software Access Catalog.
  • Software through the cloud at no chargeIBM is teaming with Amazon Web Services and Novell to offer, for up to three years, access to Amazon Machine Images:
  • IBM DB2 Express-C: Get an easy-to-use database server with features for managing relational and XML data.
  • IBM WebSphere sMash: Get an environment to quickly create dynamic Web applications using PHP, Groovy, and Web 2.0 technologies.
  • Project resource manager
    Get support from a project resource manager for one-to-one guidance through all stages of your project development. IBM will assign a project resource manager to you when you are accepted in IBM Global Entrepreneur.
  • SmartCamps for mentoring and networkingParticipate in these exclusive mentorship and networking events held around the world. Startups selected to take part in SmartCamp have the opportunity to meet and gain advice from venture capitalists, corporate executives, local investors, and serial entrepreneurs.
  • Industry education and insights
    Understand enterprise customers and their industry issues with these resources:


  • Visibility as part of the IBM smarter planet agenda
    Get exposure for your completed solutions to IBM executives who are responsible for the sales and marketing of smarter planet solutions to the marketplace.
  • IBM SmartCamp communityStart networking with the startup community at IBM developerWorks.
  • IBM Global Entrepreneur directoryPromote your startup and showcase the innovative solutions that you bring to the marketplace by adding your company to the IBM Global Entrepreneur directory.

More resources

IBM developerWorks

  • Get IBM resources for developers and IT professionals and access tools, code, training, forums, blogs, community, standards, IT samples, downloads, and how-to guides.
  • IBM Innovation CentersObtain business enablement and technical support, hold client meetings, and attend training sessions and seminars at our worldwide centers.
  • SME Toolkit

    Get software, business forms, training, and more to help your small business in emerging markets grow and succeed.

    So now the real work begins as to accelerate the pace and hopefully (with this boost) more successfully gain the favor of early stage investors with an equal amount of courage.