Harmony, Synchronicity, in-tune, togetherness and alike are all expressions which project an illusive like-mindedness desired by many but seemingly difficult to achieve.

So while contemplating the above statement along with so very much data, research and a great deal of contemplation, we’ve discovered various barriers that have emerged into commerce which in our opinion disrupts its natural “Flow”. Many of these “Barriers” which exist are the result of entities which have discovered avenues to attach themselves to the buyer/seller process as a “supporting cast” so to speak. Consultants, Marketers, Advertisers, Social Media Experts, (attention seeking bloggers like me) and alike, all have become an enormous part of the process. Now don’t get me wrong, a great deal of these services are required in the process. But do they lose this status when the services rendered exceed usefulness? This disparity is no better captured than from the statement below discovered upon the IBM website.

“Today’s customers have no patience for  waste. They will not remain loyal to products or brands while the cost of inefficiency is passed along to the buyer”.

While no one would dispute such a statement, there are those (the majority) who continue to invite into the commerce process the endless chasm of wasteful services which appear many times to exist only to support themselves and those who depend upon for income. No wonder our very efficient “commerce system” here in the US is in such disarray, the process is no longer in sync (or harmony) with it’s “real” purpose. Now many will argue what commerce’s purpose really is, but in its simplest form it is an exchange between buyer(s) and seller(s). A simple, beautiful process by which every party involved through discussion and negotiation synchronize their need(s) as to successfully complete the process. But how have all these other people and entities  become (or been allowed to become) part of the process? Well this is a huge contemplation and story of which surrounds perceived vs actual value of which really (for our purpose) doesn’t concern us in the least.

Now some may say at this point “why does it not concern you”? Look at all the waste that has been allowed into the commerce process. Well such a statement is right to an extent, but also this may be a resemblance of “one yelling at a ten foot brick wall expecting it to fall by asking it to so so”. In other words the entities who now permeate the process beyond the actual buyer(s) and seller(s) are so large, vast and an integrated part of the system that stomping our feet at this point and pouting will not accomplish anything anytime soon.

So what can be done, how could buyers and sellers find each other and engage in an environment (a new world) of which separates them from much of the added costs that currently plague the commerce system? Well it turns out the answer is quite simple, create this new world, identify what is (totally) required by all to favorably participate and then provide it to all as a wonderful tool to “opt out” of the currently bloated system. This is what we’ve designed and engineered over the past six years. Your gonna love it, Stay tuned!