While spending some time with various programmers, consultants and service providers I have come to a very distinctive conclusion. We all have our specialties which when moved outside of causes (for many) delay’s which are either unacceptable or difficult (if not impossible) to overcome.  Take (for instance) commerce and all that it involves. In B2C commerce one would expect that a level of understanding would be the natural course for all because we all have been subjected too for quite some time. But from my experience when speaking with all the aforementioned, it is a specialty of which is greatly misunderstood. Take for example the understanding of someone who has had very few real one on one buyer/seller exchanges under their belt but claims to have an understanding of all that is B2C commerce. I have found this level of understanding challenging to say the least. So when presenting a highly groundbreaking and possibly market changing idea to a programmer, consultant or other folks in the business start-up chain, getting others to fully connect to all that is “experienced” commerce is taking an abundance of time. So to revert back to that of one’s specialty, knowledge and experience accumulated over time from actual and distinctive participation is most certainly priceless.