Having the best strategy and execution are exercises which many times demonstrate how the successful navigate. But how do many of the most successful become so? Is it due more so to preparation and facilitation? After all it is an expected or favorable outcome to which these efforts are set forth, actions to change current behavior as to create a future occurrence. While this is a certain requirement of our mutual existence, it appears most are successful by such when intending to positively benefit others. A way to maneuver on behalf of the many for the most positive of outcomes.

Having this to know and contemplate upon, a realized potential for truth. It is pleasing to know most agenda’s that serve much less are of no concern. Having intelligence as stated by those who are not, could only be an abundance of thought possessed within to serve as many. As beneficial as a soldier who fights only to save his own life and not that of the cause or others.

Success by intellegent contribution to the masses does grant (any clever enough to do so) unsurpassed courage.