Yes we’ve all heard it before, you know the saying. “I am my worst enemy”, but is it true? Or for the purpose of business or enterprise are “we our worst enemy”? For example the massive system created around business which promotes so very much waste is for lack of better words shameful. For instance look at the current product life cycle in it’s most advanced form. (1) Resources + Advertising, Sales and Marketing = Sale to a factory or manufacturer (2) Factory manufactures product + Advertising, Sales and Marketing = Sale to a Retailer or wholesaler. (3) Product shipped and placed into a distribution channel through various warehousing methods. (4) Product placed into stores + Advertising, Sales and Marketing = eventual sale to consumer. So this is the story told millions if not billions of times daily across the planet. In so looking at the reality of things utilizing the plethora of communication tools available today what of these steps could be reduced or eliminated. After all technology is here and here to stay as to solve these issues isn’t it? Well of course things are never that simple, especially when there could be a major redistribution of wealth. So what steps in the above product life cycle could be reduced and still get the product to the consumer? Well I could waste more space here or cut to what many reading this may have (reluctantly) already assumed, Advertising and Marketing! Yep I said it and will forever take my beating from all who rely upon. But you know, most all that is favorable is many times distorted by the many “distorters” we have amongst us and they are darn good at it. You know the ones who by influence, or a not so accurate campaign lure others into believing their worth when that worth has nearly run it’s course. So now let’s paint the world that is to come eventually, here is the future product life-cycle of which many may currently argue but at some time in the future will most certainly be proven wrong. (1) Resources + Manufacturing + Internal Sales Marketing & Distribution = Sale to consumer. Oh boy are we a dreamer or what? Just look at all the resistance too this would receive. Well it’s going to happen but as explained at the beginning of this article “We Are Our worst Enemies”. Currently the system is kind of like a bunch of bad marriages (don’t ask how I know this), where partners really don’t need (or want) each other anymore. So if I was the counselor advising these marriages from the outside looking in, figure (1) above is what would make the most important partner in the relationship happy. Of course it’s the consumer who else is more important than. So here is what the future is going to do and will most likely get very close too in the next three years. The consumer right now does much of the same thing on the internet to identify and hunt down a product of need. In other words the consumer is already very accustomed in doing personal sourcing to meet there needs right now. What the heck do we need all those added steps for when Mr. or Ms consumer has said “I’m gonna do it”. Here are some of the most common steps taken. (1) I have a want or a need and then do research on the internet to identify the best or the best which can be afforded. (2) I search the many sights offering the product as to find the best price or deal to suit my needs. (3) I buy the product, simple as that. So then what is the big euphoria? Well how about the consumer give the manufacturer a little time to make the product to order and eliminate all this horsing around. So lets say consumer “Joe Smith” announces to multiple manufacturers he is About2Buy an item they all create along with a willingness to wait for the item to be made and distributed if they could realize a substantial savings. Well it’s coming and of course its really gonna “piss some people off”. Stay tuned for more prognostications!