Sometimes the many sellers of product become quite lost, sometimes it may feel like being  lost on a dessert island surrounded by nothing but water for hundreds if not thousands of miles. If the water (Metaphorically) were all the marketing, advertising, sales leads, email marketing, branding, banner ads and all that we call advertising and marketing upon the Internet, the ocean for the average seller has become much too vast. Americans are estimated (article: to be exposed to over 245 marketing or advertising messages per day or (based on a population of 310 million) seventy five billion nine hundred and fifty million exposures per day ( small children are exposed to less) or more than 27.7 trillion exposures per year. Being an estimated industry of one hundred thirty to one hundred and fifty billion dollars per year in the US alone, that would be an average of 213 exposures per advertising dollar spent (using the 130 billion figure). Now most would say that is pretty cheap (and it is) considering our National (GDP) is 15+ trillion, about 1.84 advertising exposures per consumer dollars spent. Now these are all averages and I’m sure some error is involved, but daunting to say the least.

So why does so much money need to be spent, after all the entire marketing and advertising exercise really is just a way for one entity to get another entity to buy from them. Beyond our real needs it is much more than this?After all it is estimated (WSJ article: as Americans we spend 1.2 trillion dollars mostly on non-essential things we don’t need, it’s the American way. To think that many of these media exposures are (for the most part) tempting little messages which are meant to lure, tempt us and play on what has become one of America’s most basic function(s); “want or desire”. All the things which make life worth living, stuff including pleasure boats, jewelry, booze, gambling, candy and alike are a large part of our culture.

But is advertising or marketing the only way to sell or make folks aware of what you have? In contrast is advertising or marketing the only way to find what you want or need? The answer in this debate could be yes and could be no. I think advertising and marketing are tremendously good at introducing us to something or anything that we were not formally aware of, a marquise of what is the latest and greatest. But do those advertising dollars need to be spent on those items one has done the research for themselves? You know the person who wants “something”, who searches the web (exhaustively) for the “somethings” they want. The many of us who go to all the rating and review sites, all the networks, forum, groups, discussion arcades, etc. After the perfect item is identified, one may then discover through similar activity and searching which place to purchase this something at. This exercise (hard work) is performed thousands if not millions of times per day as consumers attempt to discover that of which they seek. So now after doing all this work and committing so very much time in your quest, is it favorable to know the product one is about to buy has been padded with additional charges of 5 – 10%+ (on average) for advertising and marketing. Yep thats right all of us go through these ever expanding levels of complexity to sort through a massive amount of information only to find they charged us for that of which we did not need (or want) anyway.

So how does a consumer work around all this to spend much less time balancing competing claims as well as declare to the product selling world “I do not want to pay for your advertising and marketing”. A way to say “you did not need to advertise to me for I did all the work myself”. There are several good tools to separate yourself from the overpaying masses but none better than what is about to come. A new way to exclude oneself from the old way of doing business in an unfavorable market to one that favors both the seller and the buyer without all the noise, added expense and time commitments. After 6 years of research and development a powerful tool to challenge an entrenched and suffering economy in a manner of which everyone is familiar but never had the environment to do so. (Of Course) It’s, unsurpassed consumer empowerment to propel best in class (by far) Lead Generation.

A perfect storm is brewing, stay tuned!