While studying the social sphere upon the Internet, our newest of virtual realities. There always has been this underlying feeling that this virtual world is not so new after all, thinking it may have been experienced before but possibly in some other context. Periodically I would sit back to explore and identify this mysterious deja’ vu, only to become more perplexed as this unidentified intuition intensified. In an attempt to move the process along I reverted to my old standby “relativity” and how all that is Social in our ever-growing virtual world relates to other experiences. In doing so the eureka moment occurred (as usual while driving) when considering our non-virtual world in relationship too. The final question that has led me down the path which will be shared further is; “could there be a virtual theory of relativity“? Being way to uninformed to answer no, the journey began to explain the more of my questions.

OK, so all the full and part-time academics out there will most likely bring to attention (cerebral bash) that physics usually apply to the real world. But I guess this type of understanding would only be considered by those not oblivious too, so I will continue non the less. After all electricity is from our physical world (atoms, electrons, neutrons, etc.) and essentially is a catalyst to the Internet; Is it not? So I guess to begin we could go through the linear sequence of the process beginning with the processor, motherboard, ram and all this time-wasting ballywho or we could cut to the chase and propel ourselves to where we are, a bunch of folks upon the Internet as a result of. In doing so we are interacting socially in an incredible amount of different ways in a seemingly unquantifiable variety of pursuits. As I look into further again, looking into what relates to our outside world that may be of importance. OK then how about the theory of relativity E=MC2, it is quite important and most certainly affects (in one way or another) nearly every aspect of our “real world”. But could there somehow be a “Virtual Theory of Relativity“? So without having any formal knowledge of either way, lets keep moving and see where we end up.

M – Mass

So what in the social virtual world be equal to Mass. Being this is my contemplation for your (free) entertainment, lets look at what might be considered as such. How about virtual social commodities such as participation, popularity, influence, association, units of virtual proponents which when possessed in any volume create virtual social space (mass). Because this is my new world of virtual physics, we then will call these units of Virtual Proponents “P”.

P = Mass

E – Energy

Energy in the real world (I’m pretty sure) is:  Gravity created by mass are units of energy. In our new dimensional virtual world, the more proponents you have the greater your units of mass. The greater your mass of proponents the more units of virtual energy. I suppose we will keep this one the same “E”

E = Energy

C – Speed of Light (in a vacuum)

Not sure if speed can be in any way shape or form a constant in the virtual world, but it most certainly relates to mass and energy. For instance the larger your social mass of proponents, the greater your social energy. The greater your social energy (mass-energy equivalence) the faster your speed of social influence. Let’s name speed of influence “S”

Considering the above as related to our physical world, would this virtual social equation apply? After all our virtual energy does exhibit relativistic mass in whatever form the energy takes; right or wrong?

Here’s the equation, right or wrong this is the beginnings of what could be a fun consideration, especially when attempting to explain what the future of the Social Internet has in store.

E=PS2 (pretty sure “squared” may not apply)