Open for business is a statement that has been used for a variety of reasons for many years. Mainly it is a statement used to invite or welcome all who may come. In the physical world your store front is an incredible statement to what you have to offer and how one may be offering it. Stepping back and looking at your store front from the perspective of various types of potential guests is an insightful act of which many fail to do anymore. Why not just hire an expert and trust them to know all that you require to project to the public? Well to me it is all about my particular connection to the business as a whole. I as a founder or any as the most concerned have within a knowledge and emotional union no “expert” could ever contain. Knowing how a particular offering that took years of study and contemplation is going to be interpreted by the masses is for any Launch to come the most important thing we as a company will do. Our functions and processes (due to the natural flow) are quite self explanatory. But being as attractive, engaging and inviting as Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue is where we must be prior to launch. If our storefront intrigues the masses enough as Tiffany’s certainly does. We will have all the guests we could ever want.