What is that? It’s pronounced “plus-ing” if spelling that way helps. Another example how our past develops our future. Walt Disney coined the term plussing as a way of making  idea’s better. By instructing his creatives to plus it (even when their work was perfect), propelled Disney to it’s legendary status. Pixar is a huge believer in plussing and it shows. The proof is in the pudding, millions of “guests” (as Disney calls them) chose to vote with their wallets over many years.

When looking at all the considerable aspects in a web project, there are many mindsets one can take. 1. Valiant Effort -Do the best you can at your current level and go with it. 2. Step it up – Improve upon your best and be content. 3. Wild Man – Go crazy with effort to reach a certain end. 4. Master – Do your best, step it up, be a wild man (or person) and never stop improving upon. This might be called plussing or quite possibly a plussing hybrid. Now this hybrid mindset does for many great things as it takes periodic hold upon an effort. Never mind Disney and entertainment all together. Take a grand view at NASA and everything to do with Space Travel, now there’s Plussing on steroids to say the least. There are so many things the rest of us leave to the best of us to do. As our mindfulness wonders off to deal with the life within the circumstances presented. I often imagine how any willfully for an extended period propel an effort to such? Reflecting upon situations, circumstances, lessons, events and people experienced, those remarkable memories arrive to tell an undeniable story. A story known well but often struggle to practice with the appropriate plussing mindset.

Now let’s see here, so a plussing master is essentially a mindset that allows for a continuous level of improvement beyond the norm. A way of always saying “what more can be done”, after all success usually occurs when one does what others have not the knowledge of or are not willing too. So as we began the About2Buy project a mindset had to be developed. A heighten level of awareness to guide all that we do. We consider not to be unreasonable perfectionists but solely to have the result be worthy of participation by the “rest of us”. To propel all beyond the current level of online participation to that of what other plussing masters have. At this point it was not hard to know that a sincere effort to improve beyond would certainly produce  an incredible experience. An experience there is no comparison too.

So for all to know where we are currently headed and at what level we intend to arrive, the proof will be in the pudding. There is no level of final satisfaction to any effort, just a mindset that knows it is only good for now (I guarantee we are going to improve it again). We’ll go to market with an incredible product to serve all, we’ll improve upon that product as long as it is (by any means) possible. For if from all that has been said we know one thing and maybe  one thing only, if the efforts remain beyond, all will come and come a plenty.