All these internet companies out there getting enormous amounts of Seed and Venture funding to capture the Internet users (Past) habits as to target them with advertising, tempting engagements and offers. With all this incredible technology these providers (from your behavior online) process current and past Internet activity in order to predict what you may do in the future, this is done as for them to customize offerings to you online. Now if you really look at it (harshly) one could say this is targeted manipulation as to reroute your future. Why, because the process is dependent upon past activity which focuses on ” I am ” and ” I did ” not “I will” .  A less manipulative and free process would be to capture one’s interest prior too,  that very moment a user is certain to act but has not done so. This is what About2Buy will do for all, allowing for an honest (non manipulative) free exchange between buyers and sellers, an oasis for all to engage in commerce without quite as much noise and activity disclosure. So while all these ridiculously funded companies base there activities upon what people are doing or have done, we are concentrating our efforts on engaging those who are about 2.