I got to thinking about things after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s comment stating “Google does not understand social”. Okay, then lets look at who (on the world wide web) understands what. Google understands Search, Facebook understands social, Amazon understands commerce, eBay understand auctions and so forth and so on. But the question of 2011 is, does anyone understand “Social Commerce”? I know everyone has their niche. Many merchants are doing  well facilitating sales, marketing and customer service etc. But the whole thing is certainly (from the standpoint of a 3rd generation commerce aficionado) still quite immature. I’m am not always sure about anything but can address a few observances. 1. The whole blessed internet outside of the static runs solely on advertising, it’s a wonder no one understands commerce. Thats why advertising related companies sell advertising not diamonds, cars or computers. And to think the only viable solution at the moment is Coupons is (for lack of better words) embarrassing and most certainly another form of advertising . But maybe and quite possibly these coupon entities are onto something beyond for our future. You would think so, time will tell.

Now then who understands commerce of the world wide web. Ooooooo yes, Amazon thats who or heres another eBay, just to name a few. But then what’s the issue? Here it is, the most successful are forever more stuck in the static. There own little clubhouse where we all are welcome but still need to travel to get there. Now don’t get me wrong they and others stick there head out every now and then. But who, what, where, when and how is someone or something gonna pull it off. Well, it’s kinda tough for any who are lets say dependent upon there revenue model. Going outside of that could cause a (temporary) shift in profitability. Who wants to take that risk when there is a stockholders meeting “just around the corner”. But social is more than just the individual company, because it’s purpose is and will be “for the one to benefit from it’s association with the many”. Imagine all these internet families, groups and in some instances kingdoms adrift in cyberspace supporting the similar amongst. Then I guess it does not get any clearer than this, there most certainly will not be many popular places remaining for the selfish in the future. Thats right, either loosen your revenue model up or go down with the ship. Kinda harsh but kinda true. I suppose they all know this, and I am not so certain if it alarms anyone. We just feel all that much better about our About2Buy model more than ever. An open platform for Buyers and Sellers of every type of product imaginable to engage in a socially accountable atmosphere.  Skål (pronounced Skoal)