The dependent web uses sophisticated algorithms to track and customize your search results as well as to customize the offerings you see. It is expanding and will be even more dominate in the near future. The independent web lets you explore freely without these redirections and manipulations as for you to freely customize the experience. In contrast the dependent occurs by way of seriously complicated algorithms of which are very good and very bad as they are being utilized in so many different ways. But maybe there is a benefit to this, maybe people within the Internet social sphere may change things for the better. An example could be a social price comparison tool.  Listings filled with real pricing data gotten from both the independent and dependent web without being influenced by these algorithms and the dis-informational campaigns of the day.

The people are the key to all upon the web, our behavior can make it dependent or independent it is all up to us. So let’s say such a tool is provided for all to utilize, would this “real” data be useful? If so then would it not be much more accurate than a manipulated search? We think so and this is why About2Buy within it’s feature rich environment will facilitate for its guests unadulterated price comparisons. Sure we also will provide the comparative proprietary algorithmic data  from Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing. But I have a funny feeling it won’t be quite as accurate. Be patient we are making good progress, your is well on its way.