Much of the time I find my opinions as to all that occurs in the social upon the internet not as positive as they should be.  All the acts that have no particular informational importance, all the (seemingly) fragmented discussions and misappropriated tools as periodically observed. But when thinking this way I do so from my current perspective of which is to develop an organized internet platform. In doing so as many may know requires a mindset that does not work well out there in the real world. It’s a little “anal” in that flexibility outside of becomes unwelcome. Now with that said I have and do snap out of it periodically when realized, as if to say “welcome to the human race”  tending to leave and return as an explorer returning home from a long expedition.

Upon returning to the human race away from my computer and the web, I’ve realized quite a valuable lesson for myself when attempting to reconnect to the “real world”.  It is that of what I believe sociologists call “Social Grooming”, a healthy human trait that requires us to have a little “playtime”. It is a way of connecting, illustrating and strengthening bonds, acknowledging and challenging status, developing  alliances, gossiping, exchanging any and all as to just celebrate life. To suppress any from is to remove from the reward system we have been granted which reminds us all of how extraordinarily awesome it is to be alive .

When outlining a large web platform as we have undertaken, folding into these life’s experiences and realizations is critical to it’s success. Oh yes we will have all the functions required and then some, but what will make it human. After all is said and done the success of will be only measured by how many people enter and how long folks decide to visit. Our most coveted reward is to be acknowledged as the creators of something millions of people enjoy. In doing so interjecting various functions into as to promote “social grooming” is superbly important. Allowing for all to interact as to say I love this venue because it aids greatly to my purpose but more importantly allows for us to play as we do it. Using in certain area’s amusing (not offensive) words and phrases that may change daily as to engage all in their play and to refresh the environment often. Utilizing graphics that may change colors according to the current activity occurring. Allowing for a highly customizable user control panel which  participants may utilize to take ownership of their own small plot within the “About2Buy” world. These and countless other additions to sharing, commenting and communication will take our social commerce ecosystem to a whole new level of interaction and enjoyment.