Opinions are not very long lasting. After expressed with no staying power they fade off into the past. They may reemerge by repeated mention only again to fade off into the past. Opinions by the millions are fading off into oblivion more often and faster than ever. Yes, I know there is a digital record now of everything that can be reaccessed upon command. But opinions really never commit to anything. They just float out there to produce very little.

Now something that has a backbone is a commitment. Commitments are a definitive action and a very certain predictor of a future occurrence. Commitments verbally though are most likely not any more of a predictor than an opinion. But commitments in the digital world are extremely good predictors of future behavior. Look at eBay and there commitment model. By allowing for feedback, comments and fear of expulsion the commitment system works quite well and is a guaranteed predictor of  future occurrences.

Now take all this out of the static add some very unique twists and set it all loose into the social sphere. Then you have a tiger by the tail and hold on for dear life. This is what About2Buy is all about.