Much has been written concerning a product or services life cycle. From beginning to end there are many different stages a product may go through. This occurs because consumers embrace at different stages within this cycle. Early adopters are normally “enthusiasts” of certain types of products or service. They have quite a role during the beginning stages of the products introduction. These “enthusiasts” many times lead others to your product for who better to ask than someone who has already embraced the product. While they are very important and cannot be done without, Early adopters are for the most part “fad” creators. For these early enthusiasts are always popping about to find the latest and greatest. As a result it is very hard to retain their attention for any extended period of time.

Now the ones early adopters led have more long term potential. These are the “trend setters”, the users who spend a little more time utilizing the product or service as to fulfill a real need. They have a more refined agenda and distinct purpose. When these trend setters take hold of the product, as purveyor you must seize the moment to capture this critically important group. These are the users who will set you free and forever make your working life a pleasure. Or in contrast create ultimate failure as they fail to embrace.

Now with so very many .com ventures taking place with most being failures, why would anyone take the risk? Well than maybe we should look at it differently, maybe from the standpoint of others who have both succeeded and failed enough to know. There are plenty of us out there, some have a good idea why these fad and trend adventurers embrace and some have no idea. There really are coutless approaches too depending on an incredible amount of variables (in the physical world). But in the virtual world there is record of everything which results into more quantifiable and justifiable offerings. Its not hard to know if the product was reasonably popular with the early adopters and why. If not embraced by them find out (on a daily basis) and move to correct immediately. If embraced then it is reasonable to say your trend setters will like your product as well. If some (or all) can easily incorporate it’s use into there lifestyle, then the product could move much closer to becoming a “behavior”. This is where all suppliers set there sites upon, after all wouldn’t a large amount of long term customers be the ultimate goal!

To recap all mentioned, the enthusiast validates the product. The trend setter normally will follow if it fits there lifestyle and constraints. Then and only then will they incorporate said product into there lives as a “behavior”. Now this product life cycle has been greatly simplified but essentially this is how it works.

As far as About2Buy is concerned, we will intently pursue solutions as to address each groups specific requirements. The early adopters may be some of you or possibly the professionals within the tech press. They may be new and experienced users of every demographic or they may not be internet users at all.  This incredibly detailed refinment will initially occur during our alpha or beta testing. At this stage we will refine, adjust and add to the product as to know users love it and may easily use. During we will work extremly hard to illicit excitement and enthusiasm for. To produce for all an experience of which produces incredible satisfaction, this in turn makes suggesting to others a natural gesture.

We have this feature rich social shopping tool and engagement facility in the works, at every moment we ask ourselves many questions as to how it will be received. It will look very pretty for sure, but will it create excitement and loyalty? The answer is without question “yes, it most definitely will.

Thank you for the time spent to read this, we know time is a rare commodity. We are honored you lent us yours.