Internet shopping as related to About2Buy project and earlier posts, is the pursuit of items one admires or hopes to possess. It’s a cultural way of life through our vibrant system that promotes the consumerism we all are a part of. It appears to be a void filler of such similar to filling your car with gas when the tank is running on empty. The social commerce platforms available today are predominately this type of venue. Areas where people discover and discuss items of interest found upon the web. Users may upload photo’s of and categorize items of interest, it is a hobby that by process is becoming or is in some instances more that of a sport. With all the interactive ratings of items, likes and dislikes as well as comments made that cause participants to be viewed as being at the top of there game or one who has “not made the cut”.

Sometimes we are not sure if this virtual exercise has just replaced solitaire as a time passer or actually serves a real purpose. In retrospect it serves a purpose but does not benefit who you might think. The main purpose for all these (non transactional) sites is to sell advertising and they are darn good at it. Creating a social shopping “game” environment that promotes a cultural need that exposes many for a great length of time to advertisers. It is working quite well for not only can users pass time but also participate socially in a wishing and suggesting event, it helps fill the void so to speak. A void with genetic origins related to our essential need to scavenge, hunt or interact as a group. This is done (read post: “success of a strategic pursuit”) because all have since the beginning found a way to survive and prosper by pursuing as a group. Traditionally those who have gone it alone are not as successful. So is this what drives these sites? Is this why so many are being funded currently as to expand? You bet and more are being developed as we speak, its the way of the world and we all may need to just go along for the ride.

So we looked at shopping, its purpose and the growing popularity of the web. But with all this shopping would it not be safe to say there must be some buying going on somewhere. Yes there is but strangely enough the buying is occurring elsewhere. There are many entities selling their wares all over the place, all scattered about  as for us to forage about and hopefully discover. While shopping appears to be aggregating consumers quite well, buying is highly fragmented. Oh sure we have the big ones like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target and alike, but the billions of other dollars are spread across a huge array of private web sites all around the globe. So this is where our observances have become really strange to say the least. While shopping is a sport that engages many in there pursuit, it appears not to promote buying at all. In fact buying is a bad thing for these social shopping sites if you take a hard look at it. For when someone has satisfied there purpose, the need for participation has diminishes greatly. When you facilitate a buy this greatly reduces daily participation which creates reduced exposure to advertising. It a nutshell buying reduces (greatly) advertising revenue for these shopping and sharing sites. Who would have thought that buying would have become such a dirty word, but this is how advertising upon the social supports itself. We also think that many of the companies advertising upon have no idea as to what they are really supporting (shopping not buying). It is thought by many of them that if we place an advertisement upon a social shopping site that more sales may occur. Little do they know (right now) that the venue they chose has not that purpose for them at all.

Now with these realizations came a hard look at buying. How can we make buying much less of a dirty word. How can we create more-so an advertising environment that also promotes “buying”. After all is this not the ultimate goal for sellers is to sell. But many shoppers are not yet buyers, buying is a strange portion of the process. While online shoppers consider, online buyer consume and there purposes are quite different. Its the difference between talking about it and doing it, which are different actions for sure. So in considering features for About2Buy, we took a hard look at these purposes as to build an approach that will greatly appeal to both types. A shopping and sharing venue as well as an extremely engaging and effective transactional facility. So for both the buyers and the sellers upon the web it has “both the pie and the whip-cream” as we like to put it.

Thank You!