Hmmmm now how does this work. Some would say it doesn’t (Especially naysayers). But it has since anything living found a way to survive and prosper. Having to consider why it is that we do what we do is an incredibly complex consideration.  So I will do for this little snippet the unthinkable and over simplify the concept.

We as what some will call the dominant species (for now) on earth has since our debatable beginning sought to gain the strategic advantage as to more optimally adapt and to more importantly continue to exist. With that said somewhere in our history the success of the similar became extremely important to the advancement of the individual. This cooperation has become the basis for all successful “joint strategic pursuits”. What does this have to do with our project? Knowing this basis contributes to a reasonable level of confidence in it’s success. Look at all the complex, random communications taking place upon the social web. In less than 5 years I challenge one to find any discussion topic that has not been discussed.  Many as they evolve right now are less strategic than others but all are definitely joint pursuits of one kind or another. It appears from the outside looking in the question of when a joint pursuit becomes strategic is the “topic of the day” in the tech world. Much effort and big money is being placed thoughtfully towards this end. We are all at the event horizon of what could be a major tipping point for our interactive world. We now have internalized the considerable benefits that individual joint pursuits possess. As we see all the resources being placed toward this evolution into what is hoped to be a more strategic solution. Some would say we are going through the normal evolutionary process as for all to more comfortably adjust. At some point soon (most likely this year) the pursuits will become quite optimally strategic in nature. Actually exponentially these initiatives will begin expanding into at such a rate all will marvel as it more-so occurs.

About2Buy is most certainly a profound “Strategic Joint Venture”. A cooperative joint venture that aligns the  similar requirements of the many. In doing so the sites features assist the individual as a representative of the group to gain the strategic advantage over the b2c commerce process. With enormous support, one with the power of  many may jointly sway the outcome of what once was  an unfavorable static event into a more flexible and leveraged outcome